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Whenever a huge indoor space has to be illuminated, high bay lighting is typically appropriate. You need to consider spaces like huge department stores, manufacturing facilities, factories, gymnasiums, warehouses, and many more. Typically these types of facilities are vast and cover tons of vertical and even horizontal space. This requires powerful lighting to provide the suitable foot-candle levels to adequately illuminate. High bay led lights typically hang from the ceiling via hooks, chains, or pendants, or they'll be fixed to the ceiling directly (similar to troffer lights) Warehouses Industrial facilities Manufacturing facilities School and university gymnasiums Municipal facilities like community centers or recreation centers Commercial applications like department stores

  • WHY SELECT HIGH BAY LED LIGHTS INSTEAD OF FLUORESCENT, METAL HALIDE, OR OTHER CONVENTIONAL LIGHTS? Historically, multiple lighting technologies were (and still are) utilized in warehouse as well as industrial settings when high bay lights were required. Some of the most easily available include MH (metal halide), HPS (high pressure sodium), as well as fluorescent. While all these bulbs have their particular merits, industrial LED lighting greatly outperforms its conventional counterparts in significant ways. Let’s take a good look at a number of the varied considerations when deciding whether an LED retrofit is suitable for your warehouse or industrial space.
  • INDUSTRIAL HIGH BAY LED LIGHTING VS METAL HALIDE HIGH BAY LIGHTING If you have ever been to a ballgame, you would have likely seen the field being illuminated by metal halide. MH lamps are commonly useful in several areas including sporting and warehouse/industrial. Benefits of MH lights include decent color rendering and relatively adequate foot-candle levels (as opposed to other sorts of conventional bulbs). Some of their major drawbacks are a long time to warm up and a high cost to take care of, and their failure characteristics include flickering on and off. This is in addition to the very fact that much of the energy they produce is wasted as heat.
  • HIGH BAY LED LIGHTING VS HPS (high pressure sodium) LIGHTS Often HPS lights are used in warehouse, industrial, business, as well as recreational facilities where high bay lighting is quite appropriate. Their benefits include cheap selling price, high energy efficiency (low operating costs), and a comparatively long lifespan. Lighting technology like the HPS retains these benefits over most conventional bulbs, however they lose on all 3 counts to high bay LED lighting. HPS bulbs have some downsides that include the worst color rendering on the market as well as a warm up period.
  • INDUSTRIAL LED LIGHTING VS FLUORESCENT LIGHTING Fluorescent lighting is sometimes utilized in warehouse or industrial applications, even though it is somewhat less common. Some of the benefits of fluorescent lights include cheaper initial costs as well as relatively high efficiency when compared to other conventional bulbs. Some of the downsides include decreased lifetime if switched on and off, needing a ballast to stabilize the light and the presence of toxic mercury (which needs some particular amount waste disposal procedures).

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