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We Light Spaces to Lighten Your Load


Light Concepts is a leading Domestic, Industrial and Commercial Energy Saving Solution Provider. With Power tariff’s shooting through the roof and Governments struggling to provide adequate power to the masses, the key lies in using power efficiently and saving when not required. We take a three pronged approach to Energy Saving:

1. Energy Conservation

2. Energy Efficiency

3. Switching to Natural & Renewable Energy Sources Like Solar.




At the core of our new product selection is the commitment to utilize the very latest lighting technologies that improve lighting quality, improve efficiency, and enhance the environment through reduced energy consumption to fulfill the Social Obligation to make the earth a Better place for our future generations.

we care CUSTUMER


At Light Concepts we are committed to a Customer First attitude to provide gratifying service to not only fulfill customer needs but focusing on “Customer Delight”. We resolve to provide outstanding service before and after the sale, and take pride in maintaining long term relationships with our customers. From product selection and specification through delivery and beyond, Light Concepts is focused on providing the information, assistance and product when needed. Simply put, Light Concepts strives to be Easy to do Business with. At Light Concepts our people apply their lighting experience and expertise to enhance the overall customer experience. Combining this capability with the strength of our product line and expert sales force, you can count on Light Concepts to support you for all your lighting needs