Retail Lighting

Lighting is a powerful tool that sets the mood of the store, and can be used to grab attention to desired highlighted products.Effective use of lighting is integral to the retail experience. There are three main types of lighting that we provide in a retail setting: General(Ambient), Task, Accent and Decorative.


Ambient light is the most necessary part of any good lighting plan. It provides overall illumination to a room, setting the right tone for the space. Ambient lighting creates enough light to see and move around safely. Ambient lighting is achieved by using Downlights, Spot lights, Wall Lights, Track Lights, Chandeliers, Standalone fixtures like floor or table lamps and any other type of Ceiling lights. For a welcoming look and feel, Light with warm color temperature is suggested.


Accent Lighting is used to Highlight or draw attention to a particular area or point Like a Painting/Picture/Plant or Statue or even an artistic wall in the room .It creates a focal point and adds dimension to the ambient lighting enhancing the look and feel of the room. To add drama and effectively draw the eye, accent lighting should direct at least three times as much light towards the focal point compared to the rest of the room. When done well, accent lighting draws your attention to the object or feature without drawing your attention to how it’s being lit. This is usually accomplished through track and recessed lighting or wall-mounted fixtures, like picture lights and sconces, which can be angled and directed to create a spotlight.


Task lighting is intended to help you accomplish a task. This type of lighting is localized and can be provided by a variety of different sources, allowing you the option to adjust the lighting for a work space or chosen area and brighten or darken it in order to suit your needs. Effective task lighting needs to reduce glare and should be bright enough to prevent eye strain, making it ideal for activities like, reading, cooking, crafts and hobbies, studying and work.

There are a variety of factors that go into selecting the right task lighting, including what activity or work you need it for, and even your age. As a person gets older, they require more light and become more sensitive to glare, making good quality task lighting even more important. Depending on these factors, a good task light should provide about 269 to 1076 lumens, or 40 to 100 watts, to a workspace. Task lighting can be created using a variety of light sources, including overhead sources like recessed or track lighting, as well as desk or task lamps. Task lamps should be adjustable or angled down to keep the light on the task and out of your eyes. They should also be placed to the side of your work to reduce glare and limit shadows.

Our Outdoor Light Products

Track Light

Track lighting is a method of lighting where light fixtures are attached anywhere on a continuous track device which contains electrical conductors. This is in contrast to directly routing electrical wiring to individual light positions.

Panel Light

Light Concepts LED’s commercial lighting portfolio consists of innovative lighting solutions offering LIGHT WELLNESS based products with high efficiency & low UGR rating thus enhancing employee productivity at workspaces.

COB Down Lights

Light fixture that is installed into a hollow opening in a ceiling. When installed it appears to have light shining from a hole in the ceiling, concentrating the light in a downward direction as a Cob zoom light ,Cob Hanging light or narrow spotlight.

Linears Hanging & Recessed

Lighting is suspended mount with wires to hang from the ceiling, and are most suited to rooms with generous ceiling height. High pressure extruded aluminum construction, with die cast aluminum end caps

Spot Lights

Brightest COB LED technology, with advanced adjusting and non- adjusting optics that help us into focusing light on paticular areas. It’s great colour and light quality adds value to your products by enhancing their looks and appeal.